Saturday, August 17, 2013

more randomness

So, I still have some music to discuss, and maybe I'll get to that, this week-end,but I've got some other entertainments, and arts to discuss.
As for Television- I've been watching a fair amount of Netflix- mostly House of Cards, which is absolutely fantastic, and well worth a subscription, in and of itself. Sure, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright- but moreso, the writing which is tough and smart- there's a slight dip about two-thirds through, however, they stick the landing. It's like "This Town" as a TV show. Absolutely top notch political thrills with David Fincher adding really artistic touches- if I sound general and vague, it's because I don't want to give anything away. I'll just say that it's about the machinations of a political operative who seems like the inevitable result of our current political structure.
I also watched part of "Red State" which is Kevin Smith's attempt at a slasher/exploitation flick, and ye gads did it suck. It sucked so hard that I didn't finish it. So, I really can't spoil it. I can tell you that it's typical Kevin Smith over-articulate slacker protagonists meet Westboro baptist antagonists. Which almost sounds promising, except, well, it has no real excitement.
On Hulu, I've been keeping up with the Daily Show and The Colbert Report, and watching the odd episode of Drunk History, and i finished watching Moone Boy which was great fun. Now, I'm mostly watching Long Way Down, the season 2  of Long Way Around, the Ewan Mcgregor/ Charley Boorman travel show. I'm also watching season 7 of Burn Notice, but that's mostly for completion's sake.
Books, just one- the aforementioned "This Town" which is basically about how fucked up my government is. I may end up an Anarchist, at this rate.
I don't talk about food very much, but I do eat- On my recent trip, I ate at The Brown Hotel, and Toast on Market and at Crane's . All were excellent- in different ways. The Brown Hotel was excellent in old-fashioned "high dining"- like fine dining from the 1940's. Toast on Market was very much modern "Foodie" kind of restaurant, that got skewered so well on Portlandia. Crane's is the kind of super- authentic roadside mom-n-pop dining lauded by the likes of Alton Brown.  Did I have a favorite? Yup. I am a cliche, give me the Toast on Market style, any day. I'm a sucker for the (pseudo?) artisanal style all day long. But I'm totally down for it all. I'll eat at the fine places, the diners, you name it. I think each has its merits, but I am still a creature of my time and place, and I have to own up to having all the typical vanities of your modern hipster foodie...

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  1. D'oh- figured out, with more than a little help, that House of Cards is partially based on Richard 3-