Sunday, October 10, 2010

Killing Joke

Not a review. A fan's note- Killing Joke have a new record out. First one in quite awhile with all original members. It's quite good, I think. Killing Joke has two paths, if you ask me- everything leading up to Outside the Gate ( which is not a "real" Killing Joke record) and then, everything after.
If you're a big, long term fan, I think you'll agree with me. The band that made "The Wait" and "Love like Blood" seems to be the same band, but a band that would seem to have little to do with the band that recorded "Millenium", and "Democracy" and "Asteroid". Both are good bands, but quite a bit different. This new one has more to link it to Killing Joke Mk1 than Mk2, in my opinion. I rather like that. Don't get me wrong- I loved songs like "Savage Freedom" and "White Out" and "The Death and Ressurection show", but nothing like I like songs like "Requiem", "Wardance", "The Hum", "Butcher" and my all time favorite "Primitive". This new one has the latter-day metallisms and paranoia, and techno elements- all of which are OK, but mostly it has the apocalyptic anthemic feel of the first three records- which is what brought me to the gathering.
I'm not going to try to sell you on the record. Honestly, either you have tastes similar enough to mine that you'll love it, instantly, or you probably won't see the point, and will think it sounds really awful- in which case I bet you like an awful lot of music I wouldn't like. That's fine, and I'm not judging, but it does confuse me why you'd be reading this, then.