Saturday, September 15, 2012

I kinda hate myself for this....

I'm a pretty big obsessive over a few Australian bands from the early 1980's. See, I spent most of 1982 through 1985 living in places where American pop culture had less of a toehold than British, European and Australian pop culture did, and quite frankly, if you had to choose between Saxon and Rose Tattoo, or more starkly, between Dire Straits and the Angels, I sincerely hope you'd have chosen as I did, and gone almost entirely for the Australian side. This has led to some strange choices at times, but most of the time, if it comes from the Australian Pub/Punk/Rock/Metal type of music, it's right up my alley. In that vein, I cannot think of a single LP I like better than the Angels 1978 LP, "Face to Face". From "Straight Jacket" to "Comin Down" it's a damn near perfect LP. "The Angels", "No Exit", "Dark Room", "Night Attack", and "Two Minute Warning" were all varying shades of excellent, as well.
So, musically, I really want to like anything released as "The Angels". I heard about the falling out between Doc Neeson and the Brewsters, and while both sides have their points, I side a bit more with Doc. The kind of show he put on, I believe him when he says his body is broken, and he needed chemical help to ease the pain. At the same time, it wouldn't be the Angels without the melodies, and I'm sure Doc is a nutter, and I'm sure he's difficult to be around. So, I'm not entirely without sympathy for the Brewster side of the equation.
So, I shelled out large sums for the new LP ( in USD I paid $40.00) and I've listened to the whole thing a few times and, as much as it kills me to say it- the record blows. It's bad. It fails to entertain me.  I don't like it. It really hurts to say. I realize I should've known, but I honestly had hope. Dave Gleeson sings in a far more traditional rock voice, yes, but I don't want to put too much of it on that. The real problem is the whole band sounds tired, perfunctory, and like they are simply trying to cash in a cheque. They do fair number of covers, and bring little to the table on those. The re-do a track or two from their glory days and it's glaringly obvious that the spark is gone.
While I feel like I wasted my cash, that's not the worst part. The worst is this- you can literally hear the band digging their heels in. There will be no reunion any time soon. They won't be going back to what they excelled at, any time soon. That's utterly depressing because as far as I can tell Doc doesn't have all that long. The man really does seem to be broken in ways that will be hard to repair, and by the time he is repaired, there's very little chance of him being able to forget the bitterness enough to be a convincing performer- in other words the Angels that I loved are gone, and I really wish that I could love these new Angels, but I just don't.
I don't like putting negative reviews and notices on this blog, because life can suck enough without adding to it. However, I really do feel it's my duty to put this out there, so I can save other people from hearing this, and ruining the band for them. Yes, I know that may seem like a nasty thing to say, but I swear it's the truth. Avoid this, if you can.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lookmatic part Deux

So, I've now got three pairs of glasses from Lookmatic. I bought a pair of prescription shades, and they turned out ace. I bought my wife a pair on non-prescription shades, and she likes them, and they seem pretty ace. Now, I've won a contest, and got a free pair of Specs from them- they're pretty ace, as well. I wasn't sure about getting prescription glasses from them, as shades can be more forgiving if they got a focal point slightly off, or if there's a flaw in the lens. Well, yes, the lenses are not as crystal clear as I might have liked, but it's still as good, if not better than going down my local Optical shop. They're excellent for driving, or light computer work. I think I'd suffer a little visual fatigue if I wore them to read a lot of fine print, but keep in mind that I've got a very tough prescription, and should be wearing bifocals- well, I'm right on the cusp of needing bifocals all the time, so a bit of that's to be expected. Also, bear in mind the customer service is insanely good- I've had questions in the late evening that were answered by email in less than an hour. Think about that! Imagine a brick and mortar store that can have you your specs in less than a fortnight, no matter your prescription, sell extremely high fashion specs for under US 200, and can answer questions at almost any time you'd ask. That's pretty swell, eh? Then, add this to the whole thing- the people are actually really nice. as in, I think I'd like to be friends with them, even if money weren't involved. Consider them recommended. I'm hoping they expand to world wide, very soon. Not that you'd get the same as me, but I first got the Parkers in tortoise, then the Tippis in black and purple for my wife, and now I've got the Uncleonards. Next, I think I'm going to get the Kingsfords in silver....