Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So, it's the time of year where I start to get grouchy. Not really seasonally affected, just grouchy. See, Christmas is coming soon, and my office is near a mall. So, I have to put up with about ten times the bad driving than I normally do. Also, because of the increased commute time, it means I do see the sun very little (less than 20 minutes in a day). On top of that, the forced festiveness of the season makes me irritated, as well. So, grouchy, yes. Depressed, no.
This is why I start looking for more aggressive music about this time. I'm just as big a fan of the other Arts, but music is for my emotional states, more than my philosophical stance, or my need for human connection ( though everything plays into everything; I'm not suffering from too much alienation)
So, here's three new bits of aggression that have been an appropriate soundtrack to my commute.
First is Lydia Loveless' "Indestructible Machine" which I have mentioned at least once before. Really, it's suiting me very well- it's country punk, but not like you think. This is more like The Clash running into Loretta Lynn, than some naff Eagles with distortion. Lydia's characters are alcoholics, pure and simple. Her voice is right up there with Lucinda Williams in the authenticity bracket, even if her songwriting isn't that great, yet, but her band makes up for it in pure drunken passion. I'm impressed.
Second is the new Coliseum EP, "Parasites". Wow, these guys just go from strength to strength. Stoner rock, Punk, hardcore, and edgy postpunk beat up in a blender with a handful of railroad spikes. If you like at least two of those genres, you should at least give them a listen. I've said before how they're a great fit for my musical tastes, and i stand by that, here. This is exactly what I want to hear when I just got cut off by some grandma in a minivan, talking on her archival cellphone.
Finally, we've got Poland's Joe Sixpack, with their new one "Riders of the Bomb". Yup, it's hardcore. Complete with strained vocals, and sloppy musicianship. The songs squeal, thrash, and wander, just the way I want hardcore to be. Aggressive, self-indulgent, and immature- like a temper tantrum. very nice, I like it.