Friday, December 16, 2011

Giving Doubletwist a whirl

As the title states, I'm trying Doubletwist as an alternative to Itunes. It's... different, so far. Uploading was a freakin' breeze, and compatability doesn't appear to be an issue. I mean, 2000 songs uploaded in 10 minutes, that's not bad. And I lost no artwork, or whatever. playlists are organized a bit different, and I'm still learning there. It's easier just to right click and play in Windows Media player (which,by the way, sounds pretty good via headphones- seriously, I've not had bass response like this in quite awhile. Some of the highs are a bit mushy, but I've gotten fairly used to a pretty tinny sound, so I might be adjusting)
We're not quite at the Honeymoon, here, but not a bad introduction.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Except when I don't

Well, Apple, it was fun for a little bit. I'm done with you. Safari was a good browser, and I really liked my Ipod, but I was never the biggest fan of Itunes, and, now, with the Icloud, Ping, Home sharing crap, I view your products as a threat to my well being.
See, I got this shiny new laptop, and it really is shiny and new, all silvery and speedy. Then, I tried to upload itunes on. First, it wouldn't let me download it. Seems my shiny new laptop is a bit too shiny and new for anything but the absolute latest version of Itunes, the one that comes preloaded to operate on the cloud. Which would be OK if it retained functionality, but it didn't. See, I couldn't access my library. Worse yet, when I tried to access through Home sharing, I got someone else's library. Yes, I couldn't believe that either! I mean, I was using my information. My username, my password, my email address, the works, and yet, there I was, staring down a list of bad Nu-metal and pop country tunes owned by what I can only presume is a girl in dire need of therapy - and Amy K, if you ever stumble across my email that I sent you, before you delete it because you think I'm some kind of Nigerian Prince scam, I wish you the best of luck, and whoever is the guy who made you so hurt and angry, he's not worth it.
But, Apple, things got worse. I was still trying to make it work. After all, I'd invested so much time and money in you. Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 800 songs purchased, not to mention the hardware, and all the time spent trying to recover from previous crashes, glitches, and problems. But, you were unavailable. No easy access to a help desk, unless I gave you a product code, but there is no product code to itunes, is there? I had a certainty inside that it wouldn't work. But I finally found a few places to email, and so I did.
Then, I heard back from you. More precisely, from Theresa. Theresa, I know you're just working a shit job. I know this because one of my jobs isn't so very different from yours. Theresa, I know you need information to do your job, but you don't need the personal data that you were asking for. I'm not going to sell out Amy K, either. On top of that, my kaspersky LIT UP every time I opened one of your emails. Worms, trojans, viruses: you're carrying more threats than a Somali hooker with a poorly made AK. It was then that my heart turned and hardened. I realized how bad our relationship has been.
I will find love again. I know I will. One of my real friends will set me up. When I fall in Love, I'm doggedly loyal, and I'm shameless in promoting. When I love something, or someone, I love them all the way, except when I don't. Then, I leave them behind me like excrement. Worth nothing but disgust. Yes, Apple you disgust me. Go fellate Jobs' corpse, you cancerous piece of trash. I mean it. Just like that. You've betrayed me for the last time. I won't trust you, and I don't like you. I hope that effing Coby electronics outsells you. I hope that someone hacks your new Iphone, and makes your operating system a cheap concubine for Russian Mobsters. Go die.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

mmm mmm I luuuv technology

So, still setting up the new computer. Actually, two computers. I got a Dell Inspirion as the "home" computer, meaning that it belongs mostly to my wife, but I can use it, too. She's got a netbook, and an HP Laptop for her use, as well. But, what I'm typing on is my new Toshiba Satellite. I got a rather low end model, nearly discontinued- one of the 4 gig, 2 ghz 755 models. Why? Well because I actually trust Toshiba. As far as corporate behemoths go, they're not so evil. But also because they make relatively reliable stuff. So, why go so low end? Because, so long as I've got a decent dvd/blu ray drive, and enough memory to run IE and Open Office, and a few USB ports, I don't need anything more. Really, I probably could have managed with a 2 Gig version, but then, it's a 1.6 ghz processing speed, and I'm used to have about 2ghz speed, and this one was en vente, at a muy bien price. The idea is to keep processes to a minimum, on the hard drive, and keep everything on external drives. Also, I'm OK with Microsoft, I've got good friends who work at Microsoft, but I was almost convinced to go mac, based upon how horrible Vista was, and how clunky MS office was becoming. Can I say that I hated it? Yeah, pretty much. So, I wasn't going to go full bore PC. I can still run IE happily, and Windows 7 is back up to snuff. Certainly not better than a Mac, but not so much worse. But, Office, I'm done with. I like Open office so far, and yes, I've got friends at Oracle, as well. I do have google chrome preloaded on this sucker, so there's always that option, as well. The only other "big" thing, is that I'm going to have to download Itunes on here. I'm worried about that, a bit. I've got somewhere around 1600 songs on 11 CDS to load, and we'll see how that works.
But, in the meantime, I've got, essentially, a netbook, with word processing, a blu-ray player, and a cool wireless mouse, and decent 25 watt speakers, at under the price of an IPad. So, yeah, so far, so good.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I've been away

No, I'm not dead. Just busy. And somewhat bummed out. And well, typing this on a new computer, which says that yes, the old one is dead. So, while I can't say I'll be putting up a whole lot of posts in the near future, but there might be some forthcoming. Again, if somebody tells you "But we really need to have you" for a second job, really consider if you need them.