Saturday, July 9, 2011

A little something soothing

I mentioned what I've been listening to? Yeah, well, I always am listening to stuff I've had. This week I was on my James Robbins kick. This song just seems right. Be well, oh my Brovvers...

New this week

OK, so no, I don't think any of this just came out this week, but this is what I've been listening to, this week, and some of it is new to me.
First up- Yeah, go ahead, I'm a poseur. I'm jumping on the Bandito bandwagon. Bandito are a Dutch stoner band that have the first LP Kyuss sound down pretty well.Yes, just the first LP. They don't get all Psychedelic punk rock. It's more just six cylinder rock- the kind of fat, distorted boogie that the bearded nation loves. They're not great, just like "Wretch" wasn't great- but also just like Wretch, it's fun stuff.
Next is Halo of Snakes.The record is called "Viper letters and Murder Ballads" Nice. Atonal Metal, like latter Day Black Flag, or Bl'Ast, or all those Am Rep bands. But, as a really nice twist, the guitars aren't all muddy, as they usually are for this kind of thing. Instead they're overdriven and spiny, with some twang even. I'm much more fond of that guitar tone than I am of Greg Ginn's, so that's a treat. So, if you're like me, and love Black Flag, until death, but wished that they had discovered treble- here's your answer.
But, then, there's Hail! Hornet. It's ok, but I slightly regret the purchase. It's a bit too grindy sludge for me. It's the kind of Sludge metal that only works as thrash- the songs that clip along at Thrash speeds are nice, powerful bulldozers of songs, but when they slow it down, it sounds like rehearsal. Still, even the thrash isn't quite up to the amazing stand of the Capaces...
I don't just listen to blasting loud rock, as you can tell. So, I was glad to get the newer Ida Marie record- Katla. I wish she was where Adele is- She's an equal singer, but with much, much better songs that don't rely upon nostalgia for soul. They rely upon naked honesty, which is probably why she's not a best seller. Still, it's bluesy, glammy, retro rock with great vocals. Surely that's worth something?
It isn't exactly new, but I dug out a copy of Snapcase's End Transmission. I mentioned Snapcase a few posts back, but yes, I am a fan of latter-day Snapcase- believe it or not, Progression through Unlearning and Designs for Automation aren't really, truly moving to me. Not like End Transmission does. Bright Flashes was good, too. But for emotional depth, and pushing the boundaries of Hardcore? I'm a big fan of End Transmission. I put it into the same post hardcore category as Refused, The Rise and Quicksand, but not quite up to Refused or Quicksand. Still, this kind of post-hardcore reconnected me to my thrash past when it came out, and I love it for that, if for no other reason.If you're not familiar with Snapcase- they're like Deftones with a touch of Refused, only minus the Hip Hop theory. They specialize in lush spacey hardcore, played like they mean it.