Saturday, June 12, 2010

Waiting to see what's next

I like them, but never thought of them as really being fodder for this blog, in anyway, but Barnaby Jones are promising a new direction, and I'm hopeful. What they have done as a band seems like a combination of two bands that I like: they were like a bit of a cross between Kid Dynamite and Dillinger Four. However, I have to say that both of those bands are better. Sorry, but it's how I see things. Barnaby Jones aren't "bad"- it's more that they had potential to be great. Here's hoping that what comes next is that great thing.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yes, I am incorrigible. Allow me to introduce you to the three newest (to me) artists on my Ipod. Yes, some of this may be old news, and no, none of it is "fresh", or "avante garde". It's the same stuff I always listen to, and I love it.
First, the most sophisticated stuff is from How to Destroy Angels. Basically, this is Trent Reznor's new band. I do not miss his voice whatsoever, having never been enamored with it. But, his wife has an excellent haunting little girl voice, like Hope Sandoval, and the music is much more concrete, and closer to a sound collage than a melody, and so I like it. I've always liked pretty voices with noise. But, let's face it, that's no more challenging than a Timbaland track. Still, I like the notion of "music" that cannot be notated.
Second, I've liked the Gallows, and Kid Dynamite, and the Bronx and other latter day thrash bands- mostly because I liked the former day Thrash bands. (Oh, and no, the so called "thrash metal" of the late 1980's means nothing, nada, zilch to me. I'm talking about speedy hardcore punk rock, based on the "three letter band" codex, and the straight edge beat). So, it's a bit sad to me that I was late to the party with The Steal. It's too bad they're gone, but really, download, or buy "Bright Grey" which is about as fine a thrash record as I can recall from the past ten years. It's not up to the glories of The Capaces, mind you, but they're on another level. If you had a buzz cut and skate shoes in 1986, you'll probably dig it, if only for nostalgia.
Third, I won't say much, because you've probably heard them already- I think they even have records in Target, but I have to admit I finally gave The National a fair shot, and they're decent. They're certainly breaking no ground that Wilco, or a host of canadian bands haven't already done (basically a mix of New Wave and Americana) but I hummed along to enough tunes that I finally downloaded some. Call it a reluctant thumb shakily pointing up.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nostalgia, anyone?

I don't know why but I was thinking about the mid 1990's. More specifically, I was thinking about "never was" bands like The Nymphs Hammerbox Greta Basehead (arguably) Black Grape Still good stuff...

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I married an Irish woman and, more than 10 years after my divorce I'm just about ready to forgive the irish people.
Yes, that's a joke. But, I think I need to make a distinction that's serious. I don't mind Irish people; People born in Ireland, people simply of Irish descent. I don't like, and never have liked what I'd call "I-rash" people. You know, the drunk at the bar who is claiming he's obnoxious because he's Irish, and plays house of pain on the jukebox before causing a scene by bashing into people as he "jyumps erown"? I-Rash. You know the girl who wants to tell you the secret pagan meaning behind every holiday , and how it's all a big conspiracy to put down the Wiccans, even though she doesn't speak the slightest amount of gaelic? I-Rash. You know the idiot redhead who plans about a month in advance for "St Paddy's Day", and has seen Riverdance about 12 times? I-Rash. All those Celtic knot tattoos? I-Rash. "Back to Eyre" travel packages? I-Rash. Green Effing Beer? I-capital- RASH. I have no love for all that I-Rash crap.
Why do I bring this up? I saw Denis Leary's Rescue me comedy show this past week, and my wife is off the see Riverdance, today. Incidentally, the best part about the comedy show? Adam freakin' Ferrara- the guy just killed. I say this as a huge Denis Leary Fan. Adam was by far the funniest thing all night. Go see him, next chance you can. Oh, and whatever else you do, support the Firefighters. That was half the reason I went.