Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup

In honor of the World Cup, here are some good Dutch and Spanish bands:


Silence is Sexy (my favorites)

The Very Sexuals (indie pop)

Little things that Kill (Christian indie pop)

Polydrone (Math-y Metal)

Obsidian (METAL)

Beans (Ska-Punk)

The Gasoline Brothers (Americana)


The Capaces ( and again. My favorite thrash as of late)

After Many Days (Multiculti Hip Hop Jazz Metal)

Icarus Crash (Alt-Rock)

Los Cuatrocientos Golpes (strange pop metal)

EchoVolt (Industrial pop)

Los Tiki Phantoms (Surf Rock)

Wormparade (Glammy electro pop)

As for the match- I couldn't be happier with the finalists....