Tuesday, December 21, 2010

End of Year?

I've honestly been trying to think up a best of 2010 list, since everybody likes lists, and it seems like the thing to do.
Then, my wife burst into the room twice to blurt out complaints about social media, and about the lack of "legitimate news" online.
So, I was already wavering, and I don't just want to put up noise. Truthfully, I like and listen to the stuff I post. I don't put up anything I don't like at all.
So, to pick out a couple that I think are better than others? Well, no, I can't really do that. Some days I'm in the mood for Kylesa. On those days, The Twilight Sad will suck. Other days, the Twilight Sad suit me, and Kylesa will suck.
So, there's no real "best of" that would be honest.
All I can say is that there was some really good music. Lately, I've been gravitating towards Stoner/Doom bands, post-rock shoegaze bands, revival Techno, and dissonant New Wave/Post Punk bands. Lately, I've been gravitating away from reality TV, and traditional newspapers, and more towards epic dramas and online blog agregators.
But, that's me- how about you?