Sunday, December 12, 2010

New-ish stuff

Please don't take the radio silence here for negativity. I've been monstrously busy, and will never catch up, so stuff like blogging and going online in general has taken a back seat to more immediate forms of stress relief- like watching TV, listening to music, reading, and playing video games.
So, as far as TV goes, I stick by my choices. I believe I've already stated them, but if not- I like Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead, and Burn Notice for my A-list shows. I'm OK with How I met Your Mother and Hawaii Five-Oh, but both are forgettable fluff the second the TV channel changes. I'm still a fan of TNA wrestling, but don't get a chance to watch very often due to two conflicts: my wife's vampire shows, and Burn Notice.
Musically, I've been listening to a LOT. I'm not going over all of it- no way, no time, not sufficient energy.
Here's just a few that are newish that come to mind:
Mankind is Obsolete- Fairly generic electro-metal Goth. However, two things- they don't mean to, but they come across as a more "rock", and more music-school version of Linkin Park, which is interesting given the female singer. Also, some of the drum patterns show real inventiveness, real talent.
Hypernova- musically, it's Franz Ferdinand crossed with Interpol, with an Iranian Mark Burgess singing. The back story is fascinating, probably more so than the music, but still, some songs are very,very catchy. I really like "Fairy Tales".
Hyperdump- Electro metal from a side project band, I think. Sometimes shows some death-metal-ish flourishes, sometimes veers into Nu metal territory. But over all pretty nice background for playing Halo...
Neurospecter- A very "rock" kind of DJ project of Retro Specter from Poland. Reminds me a bit of Jack Dangers and his awesome Meat Beat Manifesto, but less hyperkinetic, more robotic. Again, very nice for background music.
Have I mentioned The Bloody Beetroots? If not, I should. Forget Daft Punk and LCD soundsystem- these guys and Deadmau5 are making the dance electro pop I want to hear. You gotta hear their deconstruction on "New Noise", and "Domino" is great as a pop song, and, and- look, just give them a try!
Campaign- Fortunately, not all the good Pop punk is in the past. These guys continue the Hot water Music/Avail/Dillinger Four/Leatherface, etc, etc tradition of playing melodic music with more passion than blink 41 day could ever generate.
The Sleep Ins- ummm, I can't really defend this. It sounds like slacker college rock, of the type Pavement and Dinosaur perfected, but with some keyboards. Still, I like it.
Lungs for Gills- Sometimes dreamy-gentle pop is called for. This variation is pretty retro. I hear echoes of late 1980's 4AD and Creation records. So, I like it.
Speedy Rocky- On the other hand, sometimes you want butt rock. as in, late 1970's, early 1980's hard rock boogie. These guys could easily have opened for Fastway and UFO...
Inverness- I still am susceptible to exoticism. They're like a tropicalia version of the Cocteau Twins. Vocals are a weakness however, and I'd prefer an instrumental version. Still, very pleasant, dreamy music.
Other than that, I've been listening to what you'd expect of me- the new Killing Joke, the new You Am I, the new Kanye West, the new Robyn, the new-ish Torche, the new-ish Futureheads, the new Kylesa, etc etc....
Reading wise I really like Cowbell magazine. It seems fairly custom-made for me and my tastes. Also, the new William Gibson- Zero History. I'm a fan, what can I say?
I'm even more staid in video games- it's been nothing but Fallout, Oblivion, some Halo and some Destroy all Humans. Nothing new, really.
Feel caught up, yet?