Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Twilight Sad

OK, so I mentioned them a few posts ago, but I think they deserve a few more sentences. The Twilight Sad is a really caustic little bunch of noisemakers- which is why I like them. First there's the name, which I'm thinking may be a sarcastic reference to the godawful Teen Vampire franchise,and the fans of that crap- like- "not really sad, twilight sad", but then there's also the lyrics which skewer any kind of sentimentality. On top of that the visual style is a kind of cut-and-paste design like Barbara Kruger's nasty little bits of Agit-prop. Overall, the feeling is cold, bitter and sarcastic like the sharpest of the New Wave 1980's.
But, this stands in contrast to the music which is like a more noisy amalgam of shoegazer, folk, and skronk- like My Bloody Valentine getting molested by Steel Pole Bathtub. The effect is like some neo-goth Emo kid getting beat up by a gang of industrial meatheads. This is bad, dark, evil music riding a cool anthemic wave of noise. What better sound track for Fall, right?