Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Xmas to me.

Sometimes, you have to know your limits. I really wish I was much more cool, hip and stylish than I am. I'd like to be Michael Caine in 1968, Sean Connery in 1963, Steve Mcqueen in 1973, Robert Redford, virtually any time,  Brad Pitt any time after 1996, and so on. Hell, there's some I cannot even dream of being- I'll never be Sam Jackson, Lou Reed, or Johnny Lydon. So, I knew getting a pair of super cool aviator shades was beyond me. I wanted Bradley Cooper in the Hangover or  Jeffrey Donovan in Burn Notice but, unfortunately the best I could get was  Anthony Edwards in Top Gun .
So, after polling the women in my life, who always have a better idea of what's my best look, I went with Tim Roth in Reservoir Dogs and went with Lookmatic's take on the Ray Ban Clubmaster, The Austin.
Of course, I also got stuff that others bought for me. Book-wise, it was a catch up- I got the Portable Henry Rollins, and The Portlandia guide to Portland . Both are topics that you probably are done and over with, so I won't bore you, even if they don't bore me.
DVD's? I got two TV series. I got Boardwalk Empire's first season, as well as The Walking Dead's first season.If you're not already watching both, you probably don't want a TV, so again, nothing much to say.
I didn't get any music- I think everyone knows I'm pretty set for that...
Finally, I did get a video game- Metro 2033 I haven't played it yet, so no review- but I'm into post apocalyptic shooting video games so I bet I like it. I'll let you know.