Monday, August 12, 2013

Infinite Void

I'm not really fond of Savages. Part of it is the arrogance and the ill-thought out lyrics, but the primary reason is that it's so old and tired, and predictable. The fact is, I've heard it done before, and I've heard it done better. I've also heard it done often. Our next exhibit- Infinite Void. They do neo-goth with loud, tight guitars, and alto female vocals. What they don't do is present themselves as either some form of ultimate ends, or even some new iteration. They're just a goth post-punk band. I prefer that I can even hear their nervous grasping in the playing- like a band that hasn't quite found their way, yet. That's far more exciting to me than a bunch of control junkies playing stuff that was tired 20 years ago, and trying to pass it off as somehow new. So, if you've been interested in the Savages hype machine, but mostly just want to hear a new goth band with guitars. Here you go, a better alternative.

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