Sunday, August 11, 2013

Medicine- To the Happy Few

Medicine never really went away, since it's long been established that "they" are, essentially Brad Laner and friends. So, the only reason why people would consider this a "comeback" would coincide with the only reason why anybody would listen to Medicine. They are My Bloody Valentine clones- all the way down to when they'll release albums. However, I really, truly deeply love that sound. So, I'm ok with them being clones. Why not sound exactly like the best noise ever? But, I'm not stupid- I know Brad is basically hoping to cash in on MBV.If you're like me, you'll need none of this- I'm only writing for the few who might stumble upon this because of some search terms gone wrong, and who like My Bloody Valentine and wish there was something else by them. Here you go.

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