Monday, August 12, 2013

Flaum Adger

Hmmm. I want to like Flaum Adger. Really I do. They basically sound like early- to -mid Gang of Four meets early-to-mid Dream Syndicate, and if that doesn't sound a bit intriguing, I'm afraid you may have stumbled across the wrong blog. However, as should be obvious, I can't say I'm all the way with them, yet. Somehow the "jam band" type of noodling doesn't sit so well with dry, harsh Gill-igan's island type solid state flat feedback guitars. The tentative vocals also seem a bit of a mismatch. Still, it's not bad, and when the groove locks in, it can remind you of some of the best stuff from the early 1980's. So, maybe they'll develop into something a bit more solid. One to keep an eye on?
Well, listen to a couple of tracks, at least, I might be way off base, here....

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