Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Methodology part 486

Just a note for them wot might not know-
This here blog is just my random pop culture thoughts. I do have a larger agenda, and I'm not coy about it: I believe that culture as we know it, is shifting in an overall good way.  We're moving away from the Tentpole, blockbuster, mass culture model towards something more a la carte, more idiosyncratic, more free, and more authentic, ultimately. I'm good with that, and if I thought I could help it along, I would, but I think it's such a massive, tectonic shift that all I can do is surf the lip of this earthquake. So, that's all I'm doing here. I am, however, dodging my mis-steps. That is to say, I'm not spending a whole lot of time on negative reviews.  If I write about something, I like it. I don't think anyone really benefits from me dissing the new Gogol Bordello cd, or  me whinging on about being forced to watch the pilot episode of the Originals, a crap offshoot of a crap TV show. I can learn from my mistakes, but part of the beauty of this new, emerging tribal culture is that our mistakes of choice are easily remedied, and no one else really has much of a chance of making them. There is no real method beyond that. I'm documenting, that's about it.
So, why get all meta about this? Because I can demonstrate that I have gone up in readership again since the last time I got all meta. I just wanted folks to be aware, before they started viewing this as some kind of "official" thing- that's about as far away as it gets. I am a former music professional, and Cameraman, and general-all-around-Audiovisual professional. I know the business from the inside, and that's no boast. I didn't ever really find happiness on that side of the fence, even if I was decent at it, and I got paid decently. No, I prefer just being another punter in the crowd. So, if you detect some professionalism, it's a vestige from 20 some years in the "biz". Now, I  do concierge/consulting/fixer type work, and live out in the hinterlands. It's better, really. So, nope, I'm just a geek who really, really gets involved in culture...

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