Monday, September 3, 2012

The Wait.

Yes, things have pretty much ground to a halt here at HMLMWTMC, inc. Four reasons for that, not all of them negative. I'm waiting until I can talk freely, it's my wife's birthday, so I'm doing stuff for her, I'm pretty broke ( between money already spent on bills, car repairs, getting my son set up for his next college semester, buying crap for birthdays, and other major events, and money dedicated for upcoming events...) and  I'm pretty happy with a bunch of stuff I've already talked about ( Musically, I'm listening to the CD not yet named, Baroness, the Workers "Both Hands" and The Hives "Lex Hives", haven't gone to the movies, but did watch a lot of TV- True Blood, The Newsroom, Burn Notice, Suits and a tonne of movies on IFC and Indieplex, and I'll soon talk about the rest).
Anyway, programming should soon pick up....

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