Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nothing to report

I'm still listening to the same stuff as last week, but a few things to note:
1. I got tickets to see Bob Mould. My wife isn't as "into it" as I'm into it, but I'm hoping she'll enjoy it. I feel lucky  that he's scheduled to play both Copper Blue and Silver age stuff. That's September 8.
2. I'm becoming a big fan of Lookmatic. I'm starting to feel like I might be on their payroll, but no, they're just really good. They had a facebook contest, and I was already a fan, so, hey Presto, I've got some new specs. On top of that I bought a new pair of shades for my wife from them. So, now, if they ever put out some metal frames, I think I'm sold for life. Then, again, I'm pretty simple that way. I find things I like and then stick with them.
3. I don't know if I'd count it as cultural, but I've switched from AT&T to Virgin Mobile. I'm not like most, though. I know that. Most folks seem to use their phones as all forms of communication- from talk to text to photos, to social media. What could be more the basis of culture than that? So I guess it's worth noting. Really though, I'm more of a laptop guy. I like longer-form communication. Stuff that can get a bit more complex like Email, Skype and blogs, you know?  I mean, sure, I've got a facebook profile, and a twitter account, but I refuse to become part of that 128 character culture. I think it's making people dangerously stupid. So, now, instead of making three calls a day and four texts on an AT&T phone, I'm doing it on a Virgin Mobile. Big deal. But, for anyone who might care, there it is.

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