Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saw Bob Mould!

And I got the T shirt! Can't say I got to talk to Bob as he was going to do a Blowoff set  pretty much immediately after the show, and my wife and I couldn't go for that, but it was otherwise exactly what you'd want from St Bob. He ran through all of Copper Blue, in order, then, did a full set of songs from the new album, and a bunch of Husker songs as well- considering the last time I saw Husker Du they did less than 10 songs, and tonight Bob did 5, I'd say it was like a double set- all of Copper Blue, with another 14 songs on top. Bob was in a great mood- better than I've ever seen him. His voice was a little hoarse, but he played the shit out of his guitar. I'm sure there will be Youtube clips to document it, but what was almost as entertaining as Bob was the crowd- about 2/3 old Gen X 'ers who remembered the early 1990's a little too well, with 1/3 bears waiting for Blowoff. That was funny. Oh, and running man- you're a hero. Gorilla boy? You suck. Nope, I'm not explaining. For some things you just have to be there.

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