Monday, September 3, 2012

Made in America

So, I watched some of the "Made in America" live stream from Philadelphia. Ummm, well...
For the most part, the best use was to have the EDM tent streaming as a kind of radio in the background as I did other stuff.
I had a bad feeling about it- Budweiser is bad corporate beer, Jay Z is bad corporate "rap"- not even Hip Hop, and pearl Jam are just bad. But, hey, it's free, so why not?
Well, unlike Coachella, the sound was spotty at best- serious glitches where the sound would cut out from one channel or another for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. The video was often reduced to a pixellated blur.
But what should that matter if the music made by the Artists was worthwhile, right? Well, the only two that really did bring their game were Santigold and the Hives. Santigold I've not been really a fan, but she converted me by dint of sheer dancehall and dub inflected good vibes, while the Hives did their usual, albeit abbreviated live demolition. Seriously, they are probably the best rock and roll show going. Maybe the Refused, but really the Hives will put you in a better mood.
As for the rest- I really didn't care, except X who well, it sucks to say, but they just failed. I hate saying that because they used to be a favorite, and I still love their records, and I totally understand how we all get old and break down, but John just seemed tired, Billy Zoom seemed cynical, Exene was haggard and ill, and DJ was stately- which is great for a bass player, but he's the drummer. They weren't ready to convince the indifferent crowd. I hope it was just an off night, but jeez, it was bad...

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