Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Party

So, it's my wife's birthday, and I got her some stuff that I thought you might be interested in hearing about.
First, I cannot say enough good things about Lookmatic. The customer service alone would be good enough reason to shop there. But they also have some great styles. My wife had Lasik surgery a few years back so she doesn't need glasses, but really good sunglasses are always welcome, so I think she likes her new Tippis.  Also, she's become addicted to her Kindle. I'm ok with that. She's been a Boxing, Wrestling, and Racing widow for me from time to time so I owe her. But, I got her a couple of books for her Kindle- It will Be Exhilarating and Something Like Normal. The Exhilarating book is because she runs a small business and is looking to expand to the web, and the Normal book is teen fiction (something my wife likes) written by a friend of mine. Also, I got her some gift cards so she could choose her own books and music, and I got her some of the Corporate Portraits at Shanalogic. Good hipster Art, you know?
I took her to dinner, of course, her choice, and her choice was excellent, as per usual- Bryan Voltaggio's Family Meal restaurant. I thought the fried chicken was excellent. She really liked the Fried green tomatoes, and the poutine.
I think I might take her to the movies, but that hasn't happened yet, and that's up to her. I know that we're going on a photo safari, today, and I better get ready to go do that, so just a peak for you, today.

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