Friday, October 18, 2013

Like Like The The The Death- Cave Jenny

So, I have this theory- bad band names result in better bands. I'm really sorry to start off with this, but "Like Like The The The Death" has got to be one of the worst band names I have ever heard. Heck, it's hard to even read that thing- and go ahead, try to say it. Out loud. Yeah, you see what I mean? ( Yes, as a matter of fact I have heard of the Silver Jews, what of it?)
However, the theory holds up- This is some good music. For me.  Your mileage may vary. See, the basic framework is this- take the spastic energy of one of the New Wave of New Wave bands from the early 2000's- say the Futureheads, or the Briefs, now apply that to grungy Noise rock, but don't let up on the punk-pop emphasis on simple melodies. Got that? Now have Rick Sims sing. ( I don't know if it's Kyle or Anthony, but one of them reminds me of Rick when the Didjits were new. And I would really like to hear them do a cover of either "Skull Baby" or "Plate in my Head" ) .For seasoning, play some math-y time signatures.  Then, slowly stew the whole thing so that more and more chaos creeps in, so that by the 9th or 11th track the audience will accept more dissonance and abstract, irregular, angular music than they thought they could. I think the wry, geeky humour helps, too. If you like just about anything on the noisy, speedy side, I think you'll like the ride. If you don't , you must be one of those Laughing Hyenas fans, or something.
Per my understanding, there's even a tie-in to the Almighty Die Kreuzen here.  Mark me as sold.
Now, I've seen the name before, but this is my first go-round with them, and I gotta say- between this, War Brides, Nonagon , Tyranny is Tyranny, etc- I really need to make a trip up to either Chicago or Wisconsin a priority. Something is going on there in terms of noisy rock.

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