Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Paul McCartney - New

I cannot begin to pretend to review the new Paul Mccartney. It's good, and it reminds me of Muse and Death Cab for Cutie, at the same time.
But, there's plenty of places to get a review of it. I just have a thought about it- can you imagine the weight Paul McCartney lives with? He really does carry the weight of the Beatles- probably the biggest name in pop music since World War 2. Possibly, this biggest name in pop music, period. If he wants to release new music, that's the weight he has to carry. Alone. John and George are dead, and Ringo hasn't done anything new in years. But still, Paul soldiers on. How does one write a song that anyone can relate to, if that's the weight you carry? Then, yet more difficult, how does one please multiple generations- again, with that weight? So, my hat is off to the guy for even attempting a new record. That I find some value in it should say something- I'm pretty far afield from his target demographic, so that's some pretty broad appeal, there. All done with with this giant mountain of expectations and desires that the Beatles culturally represent. I'm impressed...

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