Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Monster Magnet-The Last Patrol

I think we all owe Dave Wyndorf. Before Kyuss, and alongside the Melvins, Monster Magnet basically invented the "Stoner Rock" thing.  Sure, you had your early 1970's influences- Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and The Stooges on the one side, with Hawkwind, Iron Butterfly and Blue Cheer on the other, but I really think it was Monster Magnet who first thought to filter all that through the lens of late 1980's "Alternative"- what made it something new is that Dave Wyndorf filtered all his early 1970's childhood through his punk rock experiences of his teens- so Monster Magnet was heavy psychedelic rock, with a Ramones/Misfits attitude. Everybody from Clutch to Kyuss to Rob Zombie took little bits from it.
So all hail- but do we need a new LP? I think we do. I think it's not enough to leave it with Mastermind, which was good, but not the end cap to a career as brilliant as Monster Magnet.  I don't really foresee an End Cap ... I don't think Dave is out of ideas, yet, either. I mean, I love Lemmy, and I own too many Motorhead LPs, and T shirts, but Lemmy hasn't really had a good, new idea since 1995. Dave is like Lemmy on Orgasmatron: still coming up with new ways of doing a garage proto-Metal take on Space Rock. What does that mean? Pure riffs, met with drones, and sound effects, played with enthusiasm, to support psychedelic/Science Fiction/ surreal lyrics. It's a bit more introspective, but this is still the psychotronic  Space Lord.  It's dynamic, and thrilling, and it'll make you think in small doses, and will switch your brain off, if you listen to the whole thing.  So get your mind blown.

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