Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Melvins Tres Cabrones

Yes, it's a "new" Melvins LP- about 1/3 comedy, about 1/3 heavy rock, and about 1/3 Punk attitude. As per the past few LPs, it's a collection of odds and sods, hence not entirely new, even if the songs are newly composed. It's on Ipecac, which, if you're paying attention, tells you volumes.. . If you can handle really experimental rock- that splits the difference between the Butthole Surfers at their most psychotronic and grunge at its most droning- you're ready for the Melvins, but more than most, the Melvins are just the Melvins- I don't think anyone else has ever done what they have made their stock-in-trade, music that is simultaneously Punk and retro-proto Metal in ways that allow them to sound goofy and tough in equal measure.
But, jeez, look  at me, trying to explain the Melvins...
Just a side note, BTW- I'm not sure if I have faithful readers or not- I suspect Not- and that's actually a huge relief- but, just in case, I'm going to be gone for a little bit. Going off to the Netherlands on Saturday, and I'm not taking computerized devices- I'm taking a watch, camera and an MP3 player. No phone, no tablet, no laptop- so, hopefully something good in a few weeks...

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