Saturday, April 21, 2012

Record Store Day

I Couldn't make it to a record store today, so, instead I ordered the Bomb 11" record "The Challenger" from No Idea records, directly. Yeah, on one level, that's not the point of Record Store day. I know you're supposed to go to a brick and mortar indie record store, and purchase some super hip piece of vinyl, to show off to our your friends with Fixie bikes.
Here's what I take from Record Store day- rather than downloading to your itunes account, in a faceless transaction,  Record Store day is about celebrating the human transactions of buying commercial art. So, I bought from people I know ( I used to work in Rocknroll, you know? think I've never been to Gainesville?) to support musicians I know ( I first met Jeff when Naked Raygun was touring the "All Rise" record) . Furthermore, it's an 11" record ( no typo) so there's no CD or download equivalent, now is there?

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