Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pelican-Ataraxia Taraxis

A little less Rock, a little more Art tonight. However, Pelican still rock. I don't know if I'd still call them "Post metal", but then, I never did, really. Instead, I think of them as a really heavy Instrumental indie rock band. But, your milage may differ.
So, yes, there are no vocals, and no guitars don't get much louder. Still, it's not so concerned with challenge, this go around. Instead the songs are like the best bridge sections of the extended live versions of your favorite Rock songs. You know, where the band just plays, and it's not so much about hyping the crowd up, as it is about just enjoying the moment? So, no, this isn't as complex as some of their past releases, but I still really like it. One track, "Parasite Colony" even reminds me of a really heavy passage from a Thin White Rope song- so yeah, that's high praise. Still good stuff, I'd say.

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