Saturday, March 29, 2014

Afghan Whigs- Do the Beast

God, I've missed the Whigs! Greg Dulli writes "confessional R & B" ( as if anyone else does)  in the persona of a man who really has something to confess- his songs convey all the wickedness that men hide, not the flaws that still makes us look good. That's the problem with all the Emo types- it's like that question on a job interview - what would you say are your flaws?- and, of course, you're supposed to go through the verbal ju-jitsu to make up some supposed problem that still makes you attractive to your prospective employer- Gee, Jim, I just work too hard!- or in the Emo-boys case- I guess I just loved my girl too much. Greg Dulli would answer that question with : Well, Jim, I've punched out 8 of my last 9 bosses, and the 9th got his desk burned down. You don't really want to know about my 10th boss. But, you can hear his songs in a multitude of ways. The Afghan Whigs bring down the most brutal funk, blues, and Soul music this side of the Pop Group. Yes, some members have gone, but this still sounds like the evil crew that recorded "Congregation" "Black Love" and "Gentlemen". The only band that comes close to this is Girls Vs Boys, and whereas they're a louder, more traditional alt-rock band, The Afghan Whigs are darker, and deeper. So, why would I miss this collection of demons? Because the devil has the best music. Because it makes me glad I'm not the guy who fits these songs. Because they're the musical equivalent of a hard boiled novel like Jim Thompson used to write. Because too many other would celebrate these guys that Dulli creates, and it's a good thing to know their flipside, left you find yourself rooting for the heel. Because Rocknroll can really be the Devil's music.
If you like the dark stuff, you cannot deny this.

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