Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pixies- Indie Cindy

So, people are calling it the first "Pixies Album" since 1991. I suppose that's sorta true. It's not, in that live lps, and compilations followed 1991's Trompe Le Monde, and if they don't count, then, this doesn't because it's a compilation of their three recent EP's. It is true, in that it's new music by Black Francis, played by Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering, and what else do you call that? But, I still wouldn't put it in line with the new LP by My Bloody Valentine, you know?
With that question hanging over it- let me state, for the record, it's the best compilation of Pixies songs since Bossanova. It's not the equal to Doolittle nor Surfer Rosa, but it's certainly up there with Bossanova and the Purple Tape, and Come on Pilgrim. Which, of course, makes it an absolute essential listen.
However, I'm not blind- I know that every Pixies album has filler, and everyone disagrees as to what is filler, and what is not. So, the format here- three EPS, and then, a collector's edition LP is ideal- if you're just in it for "the good stuff"- you can pick up one or two of the EP's, and call it a day. If you're a slavish fan boy, you can get all the EP's, plus the LP, with the live CD and the book. For me, I have all three EP's, and I think I'm done. I've seen the band live, I don't need the live CD ( plus, this. Great set/interview) and I've never been as impressed with their visual work, as with their music. The music, though, is as good as I could request: What Goes Boom, Greens and Blues, Magdalena, Blue Eyed Hexe, Another Toe in the Ocean and Andro Queen are the highlights, and  only Indie Cindy and Bagboy are minor letdowns. The rest of the songs are good, but not amazing.
Would I like to hear Kim Deal singing on them? Sure. She didn't want to sing these songs. So, are we supposed to deny reality, in favor of our projections?  I think that's unfair and, frankly, stupid. The guys in the Pixies have grown up, have moved on, and are not the same people as they were in 1990. I am not the guy I was in 1990. Expecting 1990 is just plain stupid in 2014. So, in 2014, these songs just destroy any competition in the independent Pop/rock category. I have some other records to talk about- so, yes, there are other great releases, this year- but they aren't in this category ( just so's you know- I've been listening to the new Afghan Whigs , Disasteratti and Off! records- can you see how they're not in the same category?) . As George Michael might put it- listen without prejudice, and you will be rewarded.

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