Sunday, March 30, 2014

Disasteratti- Cerebral Hack Artist

What is it with the midwest and super tight mathy noise rock? I mean, it has ever been thus, and I don't foresee any changes- if you want angular post-hardcore rock music, played with precision, and chops, you go to the Great Lakes region of the US. So, Disasteratti have been a thing for awhile, but I stumbled across them, knowing next to nothing- little did I realize I was going to hear roots math rock, with the best Telecaster tone, like ever- metallic, biting, crunchy and twangy, rubbery and elastic- like the coiled metal of the thing, itself- wire wrapped around magnets, being activated by striking wires wrapped around wires, you hear? The music is based around ye olde 12 bar blues, but at a faster, more adrenalized tempo than what you're used to. The sonics owe a debt to Girls vs Boys and Shellac, and strangely enough, The Gun Club. If that doesn't sound like an awesome combo to you, maybe you should skip this entry. I love it. It's noise, sure- there's that treble-boosted vocal style, like everything is shouted through a megaphone- like mid-period Six Finger Satellite- and yes, that's hardly the most musical thing, but, in context of a telecaster playing bruised, and mutant blues licks over a mean post-hardcore beat? It fits. Other times, you've got a GVSB styled minimalism but with with pedal tones and blue notes galore, hence the Gun Club element- it's almost like they have a slide guitar player, but I'm hearing the fretting. It's like a resonator souped up to aluminum guitar powered by amplification meant for city-wide address systems- like the announcement of rootsrock judgement day delivered by air raid sirens. Yeah, that's it. Go get some.

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