Monday, January 27, 2014

You know it's over when...

I will put this out there, first: I'm thinking about stopping this blog. No, this is not a plea for an audience to come in- I'm not Rik on "The Young Ones" - I don't think it matters if I write this, or not. But, I do know that I'm wanting to discuss different stuff. I'm getting interested in musical gear, again, which I haven't been in about 10 years. I'm interested in The BBC, and the differences between what they're doing and what HBO and AMC are doing here. I'm still interested in music, but, for example, I didn't watch the Grammys last night, and didn't even try. The only interest I had was to see if Lorde fell on her face, and to see how uncomfortable Josh might get in that "superstar" line up. I like Dave Grohl, just fine. He's created a likable public persona. A good percentage of the Foo Fighters' music is bland MOR, though, that has zero appeal to me ( and that's the important part. I've been surprised by what I would otherwise call bland MOR before) . Likewise, I really don't like Trent Reznor. Like I don't ever want to be in a room with that guy type personal disgust, and he's compounded that by easing back on a project I liked a bit, to bring out a zombie Nine Inch Nails, which was a hit-or-miss project to begin with. Lindsey Buckingham, however, pretty much personifies everything I loathe about music, and the music business. I cannot stand his music, his conveyed personality, the sound of his voice, his methods of bringing his music to people- literally top-to-bottom, if you want the "Anti-Max" as far as music goes, there's your guy. So, to trot Josh out in that sausage fest, in a cutesy matching leather jacket? Either he's still the same lizard he's been, and he'd be VERY uncomfortable, like "get me out of here, NOW! NOW! NOW!" type uncomfortable- or he's turned into the anti-christ of everything he was- both of which seem equally plausible- but how much do you really want to see those scenarios? I mean Lorde seems like a smart little girl, who might turn into something worthy of her hype, someday, but, for now, is just sounds like Brittany Spears trying to cover PJ Harvey, and not quite getting there. So, do I really want to see her fail? Maybe a little, but not really. Josh might have lost his mojo on the new record ( and yes, he did. You can like it, all day long, and in every way, but you're still just digging a mojo-less Josh Homme) but I saw his ACL performance, and there was still some fire there. Nowhere near what once was, but some fire. So, I don't really want to see him uncomfortable, other than in the hopes that it would re-ignite the fire for him, and I really don't want to see his Vegas years start up right before my eyes.
So, yes, even though discussing pop culture and music is exactly what I'm doing here, I'm starting to want to talk about something else- something that gives me a bit more hope. There are some really bright spots out there- for example, Kylesa have a record label, now- Retro Futurist and from what I've heard so far, it's really very good stuff.  So, yes, shutting down the blog is on the table, as is the thought of keeping it, and doing a new blog just to talk about music gear. Also, there is the thought of just ending all the blogging because I pretty much accomplished  all my missions, and you don't need me to do yet another music blog. I don't know, just yet. How do I know when it's over? Guess I've got to figure that out.

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