Friday, January 17, 2014

Checking in and TV

I don't have a whole lot to report, musically. Yes, I got a friggin' AWESOME Mark Lanegan best-of, this week, called "Has God seen my Shadow?", but do I really have to tell you to listen to Mark Lanegan? That's what mainstream guys do, because idiots are still listening to John Mayer. I'm far too cool and sarcastic for that. But I will say this- if there is a heaven, Mark Lanegan and I won't get to be there. He's got too much of the devil in his voice, and I like that devil too much.
As for the hobby, I finally bought an OCD clone.  It's great, and if I played Sludge Metal, it would be my dirt box of choice. For my guitar playing friends, if you have a spare USD 40, and you want that baritone rumble "creamy" distortion, this will get you there. The "review videos" all seem to add a fair amount of treble to what I actually hear- but it has a crap-ton of gain, with the lower mids emphasized- it's a dark beast, that can instantly dial up Eyehategod to Thou tones, and if you twiddle the knobs a bit, you can get around the same neighborhood as all the Savannah bands ( Kylesa, Baroness, BlackTusk) get, and they all use the OCD. One warning- the "high" setting adds a pretty significant boost- between 15 and 20 DB- so you can blow out effect inputs later on in your chain, if you're not careful.
But, I've been watching a lot of TV- I saw the first two seasons of Sherlock and yes, it's really good. I also am finally watching Dexter, and you'll note there's no link. That's because I don't think it's worth supporting- it's too full of cheap tricks designed to manipulate the viewer, and while I'm not all that smart, I know i'm smarter than this show. I'll watch more because I've got friends who like it, but really, I think it's crap TV with "Skinemax" sensationalism.
I also have been checking out the Portico channel. It's got some worthwhile bits.
I watched a pretty great documentary called "Machete Maidens Unleashed" - it covers all the pop culture ground you'd expect for a doc about exploitation films, but it even exposes a fair amount of the ethics ( and ethical failings) of those exploitation films, not to mention the politics of them, as well.
That plus the usual, and yes, I've been busy.

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