Saturday, September 14, 2013

Something far more Positive- The Almighty Black God have released 3.

I bought "Three" from No Idea on Thursday. I got the free accompanying download, and don't even have the  vinyl in my hands, yet. I have already listened to it at least 6 times, probably more. It's my "commute to work" music. Better than coffee. More like the mythical meth from Breaking Bad. But this is not meth.
Briefly, it's the new version of Louisville's "Black Cross", and it's extremely tight, and tightly structured hardcore punk rock. They remind me of the Minutemen- not entirely in sound, although they do go for a somewhat trebley  guitar sound, but in how tightly controlled they are about it- no song over two minutes, no more than 6 songs per release,nothing but 7 inch records, feedback on every track, all hard tempos, and all in-arguably hardcore.They sound like this.  I love it. There's enough Fugazi in it that it's not boring, but it's got power and heft. Ryan, on this one, seems to be blurring the lines between this and one of his other bands- some of the guitar bits borrow from the motorik, Krautrock-like riffs on Coliseum's "Sister Faith".
I know, I know, I should like more sophisticated, mature music than hardcore punk, but when it's this tight, I cannot deny it. Best 7 inch of the summer? Yup. No question.

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