Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pyres- Year of Sleep

You think I've gone soft on the rock, don't you? Talking about Franz Ferdinand, and The Bloody Beetroots, right? Well, first, that's funny as hell to me, and second, I don't need to prove nuthin' to no one, baby, I'm freakin' snaggletooth, and third- I've also been listening to Pyres. Stoner-Sludge-Doom, ah hell, they're just Metal. I mean Metal with a capital umlaut, cupcake. A little Baroness here, some Red Fang there, maybe some Mastodon, or Black Tusk, but really, come closer and you'll get it- this is straight up Metal- like if you were to fuse Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath, and High on Fire and that spider-man-beast from the Thing. I'm not saying this is the only thing I want to hear, but I'm saying I like it. Sometimes you want some non-hyphenate music. This is Metal. No apologies needed, no quarter given- flat out Metal. When people talk about those hyphenates you know  Speed Metal, Death Metal, Technical Math Metal, etc etc ad nauseum, the "Metal" part of the equation sounds like Pyres. Metallica should change their name to Pyres- Like-A, Lemmy should name them the  heirs to the crown. Get the point, they're All Metal, all the time, None more Metal, Tenacious Destroying Metal. Metal, Metal Metal. Oh, and Manowar should commit suicide because compared to Pyres, they are false Metal.

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