Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just getting it out of the way: Pixies and The Clash

I've got the new Pixies EP, I'm not going to be getting the new Clash Box set.
Yes, I love both bands. Both are absolute "Desert island picks" and "Top 5" and all that malarky, but I'm not stupid. The new Pixies ep is warmed-over filler, just to have some new merch to hock at shows, and I got suckered. I hoped maybe it was the last stuff with Kim Deal, or something as good as what Charles was doing with the Catholics, but no, it sounds like B side material that was rejected from The Cult of Ray.  So, nope, not worth talking about.
The "Sound System" from Mick Jones is the polar opposite from what Mick was doing with Carbon/Silicon. Carbon/Silicon was Mick boldly exploring new areas, even new ways of interacting with the fans, and coming up with exciting new avenues as a result. This is flogging a very expensive cut of horsemeat. Somewhere around 150 us dollars to hear 90% already released material "re-mixed" by Mick ( and no, I don't think he is that great of a producer- I've never so much as mentioned the Libertines before this, have I?) and some of the "new" stuff is just imperceptibly different takes on old songs. This is just like all the other "new" Clash stuff- just another way of trying to part the rubes from their rubles. Again, don't get me wrong, I love the Clash, I like BAD, and I like Carbon/Silicon. But, I really would prefer it if Mick stuck to working with Gorillaz, and producing, and  releasing some more C/S material. Why soak the fans? It's just going to tarnish the legacy in the long run. As far as I'm concerned he can cut the crap. (geddit?)

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