Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yet More TV, and a note on Fashion

I said I had a lot to write about, didn't I?
So, one of the nice things about cord cutting ( evidently that's what I did- giving up cable TV in favor of digital streaming is called "cord cutting" by all the hip, young pundits)  is just how easy it is to dial up documentaries. So, I've seen a lot of them in the past week. Another nice thing is that several of the services keep track of what you've watched, so on Netflix, I watched a biography channel doc on Rasputin, Gonzo, the movie about Hunter S Thompson, Dreams of a Life about Joyce Vincent, Resurrect Dead about Toynebee Tiles, a Nat Geo series on Russian Prisons,  and American, The Bill Hicks Story. On Hulu I watched Brutal Beauty: Tales of the Rose City Rollers, and a few episodes of The End  about British gangsters. I've also watched about 10 lectures on TED. I think it's interesting that I really like documentaries but dislike "reality TV". I suppose I could flatter myself, and say that it's because the documentaries I watch are smarter, and go more in depth, and actually explore our reality, and there's a certain truth to that. I think it'd be more true, though to say that I like narrative structure, and documentaries have a beginning, middle and an end. Whatever the reason, I feel more connected with the docs than I ever did with "Reality" TV.
This also speaks to a side benefit of cord cutting- I actually am becoming a lot more engaged and mindful, rather than just running the TV like electronic wallpaper. We will see where this experiment goes...
But, I'm not abstract- I've got a reality of my own, right? That means I need shoes. Now, I'm a simple guy. Well, if not simple, at least straightforward. So basically, I like 4 types of footwear, and I can most easily describe them by brand- I like Dr Martens, I like Chuck Taylors, I like Fryes and I like Vans But, I'm not brand loyal, so bear in mind that these are just archetypes. I don't need to see a label, the style is what I'm looking for. So, for example, I've got Kenneth Cole shoes that look like Docs, and I've got sketchers that look like Docs. I've got Vision skate shoes that look like Vans and Converse shoes that look like Vans. It's not about price or fashion, really- I just have identified some elements that I think constitute my "style'. So, PF Flyers have been on my radar. they're similar to Chuck Taylors but slightly more "ruggedized" and slightly more structured- so they correct two drawbacks to Chuck Taylors: they're a bit flimsy, and they don't offer much arch support. The problem is that they price, generally, about 80% higher than Chuck Taylors, so it's hard for me to justify buying them ( it's very similar to the difference between Fluevogs and Dr Martens, incidentally) so, I was very pleased to find a pair for 60% less than Chucks- and I snapped them up. I've been wearing them a lot since. They're great, and if you have the opportunity and the means, i heartily recommend them as an alternative to Chuck Taylors.

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