Sunday, March 10, 2013

TV Change

Just a heads up that I'm going to be making a change in my TV soon. I'm going from Cable TV to Internet only. I plan on writing about what that entails. So, where we are at, right now is that I'm paying about 150/month for Cable TV and "High Speed" internet. This is their "discounted" rate: I think the breaking point for me was when I asked them if we could get that under 100/month, and they could not, even though they are currently running multiple promotions stating they can do phone, internet and TV for under 100. Basically, I'm tired of being penalized for living in a part of the country where legislators don't care about the citizens, so basic consumer protections hardly exist. See, the Cable TV company has a monopoly, here. I cannot switch companies. If I want TV, I can either pay the Cable TV company whatever they want, or I can do what I'm doing, and pay the same company for Internet ( again, at whatever rate they demand) and not pay them  for Cable, and subscribe to multiple services online ( I'm figuring on Hulu plus, Netflix and HBOGo) .
So far, I've purchased a Roku Box, and I plan on buying a new Modem and wireless router today. I have to get my wife to call the Cable Company, because the service is technically in her name, and I'm hoping to get her to do that on Monday. Then, it's a matter of subscribing. I'll report back. I really want this to work out, and I think I've done enough research that it should.

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