Friday, March 15, 2013

Kashmir- EAR

So, I haven't mentioned it for awhile, but I still have my love for European Alt pop rock. But, I still got the new Kashmir record EAR. They're still doing relatively gentle alt pop- however whereas earlier stuff was in the Radiohead to Coldplay type soft rock, this one is more umm... Flaming Lips to Blitzen Trapper maybe? It's very gentle music- I don't know if they get the "rock" tag anymore. Yes, there are drums, but it's going more for lush, yet simple acoustic with electronic effects type of pop. In a ghostly way, it reminds me of latter-day Beatles, but far more quiet. One song is even called "Peace in the Heart". It's really good for background music, but when it catches you the melodies are deeply satisfying and ear pleasing. Honestly, here's what I think the best way to hear this would be: as the chill out room music at a David Bowie circa "Ashes to Ashes" themed rave. Meaning that nothing here will rile you up, but you may have some preconceived notions challenged a bit. Which separates them from the Coldplay-to- Decembrists end of the spectrum. If you just want to sample start with Seraphina and Piece of the Sun If you like that, step into their yet Another Green World ( yes, there's some Brian Eno in there)

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