Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Intronaut's New One is pretty good

Intronaut occupy an odd space in my collection. On the one hand, they have passages that are extreme Metal, and very much follow that convention. On the other hand, they have vocal harmonies and Clean passages that seem not to far removed from the psychedelic work of Baroness. Then again, the time signatures are something out of the Meshuggah playbook. The dissonance would place them also in a mathy kind of place. Perhaps psychedelic math skronk? Doom jazz?  In any event, I have their new one " Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones) and I like it. Maybe it's the increased emphasis on vocal melody, or maybe they've honed their songcraft, but they don't sound quite so "cut and paste". Things flow a bit more, and the dissonance works as a dynamic device, while the melodies are a bit less shoehorned in. I still prefer Kylesa, Baroness and Torche  but this is the first Intronaut record I listened to more than once. You can listen to it at their website  and decide for yourself, but I believe this new one is more worth your time than their past releases.

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