Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nice little life

I don't have much new to talk about. I've not seen any new movies, recently, I've not read any new books, as I'm still catching up with my backlog, and I'm still a bit obsessed with the new Baroness CD, so not much else is getting a fair hearing.
But, I'm still living, so I'm still experiencing new things:  The best of them, in the past week are these mugs, this beer, and this burger.
The Mugs are by iittala, which is the premier Scandinavian glass works company. My wife is Finnish, and Finland is fantastic place, so I'm all about supporting both the history and the recent design award for Finland.
I like beer a lot. Probably too much, but a good IPA means a lot. I also love Portland, OR ( and though I can't prove it, too well, I loved Portland well before the thunderANT song. What sold me on it was the clean orderliness of it.) So, a good small batch brew from Portland? Yeah, I'm about that. Still prefer beer from Montana, but this is really good stuff.
The burger was huge, and the place is local only, but getting coleslaw, guacamole, and baby spinach leaves on the burger was lovely.

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