Sunday, July 8, 2012

birth of the jangle

I've got a bunch of new stuff. Please don't take these as an order of importance- but I've decided to order them as I got 'em. So, even if it's not first in my heart, I got the new Mission of Burma  "unsound". It's like every other Mission of Burma release- a handful of tracks I really like with some tracks I don't think I'll listen to twice. I realize that they're considered like living legends, so I'm not going to go through track by track, because if you like Mission of Burma you already know what you like, and if you don't like them, you already have a rough idea of what they sound like.  I don't really care for their more angular and riffy side. Instead, I really like when they go for a melodic blurry jangle. They generally get there about 4 times a record, so I get the records for those 4 times.  Others get the records for other reasons, but that's why I'm talking about it- because that jangle informs so much of what I listen to, in general.

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