Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baroness- Yellow and Green

Holy Shit! Yeah, I try to not cuss, but this is phenomenal! Baroness have completely killed it! I kinda sorta liked the Red and Blue albums, and I knew the hype was big for this one, but honestly there isn't hype enough! Yes, I got it early. There are advantages to being near Philadelphia, and having friends. So, let me tell you- buy this one, as soon as you can. Yes, they aren't "Metal" anymore. They're better. There are echoes of "post metal" like Isis and Neurosis. There are echoes of stoner sludge rock like Queens of the Stone Age, Kylesa, and Torche. There are echoes of classic rock like Queen and Black Sabbath. There are echoes of alternative rock like My Bloody Valentine and The Mars Volta. Yet, it's all a seamless whole. Doom? Yes. There is doom. There is an undercurrent of yes, melancholy in a truer sense of the word than can be mustered by the whole of the Doom contingent. Seriously, this ups the game for a lot of bands. I was expecting good, and I got greatness.
I was not really a fan of Baroness. I thought of them as two steps below Kylesa and Torche, if still a step above Black Tusk and High on Fire. This brings them up to QOTSA, Kylesa, Torche, and Red Fang for this style of Rock. Absolutely stunning! my first sentence is what I said no less than 12 times listening to this double CD. As I've said ad nauseum, I'm no real metalhead. I think the genre gets too silly too often. Mostly because of the over-use of hyperbole, both musically and lyrically. This deserves the hype. It's a genuine masterpiece, and I sincerely hope you hear it very soon.

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