Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saw the Hives

Ever consider Puns? The lowest form of humour and all that, but they're also some of the most efficient forms of joke telling, aren't they? One word stories, they're both genius and dross.
The Hives are like puns. Taken on one level, they're pure, dumb rock. That's a good level. I was standing near some grown up frat boys, and I'm positive they were on that level all night long, and they had a great time. But, on another level, they're a distillation of the last 40 years of rock, compressed into 90 second songs.
However much like puns, so much depends upon tastes, which are idiosyncratic and random. I can understand if they're not to your taste. If so, I hope you can at least respect what they're getting at: there's a reason they go back to the word "idiot" and the back drop was a maniacal puppet master.
Also, despite reputation, in what way are they a "garage band"? I really think of them as more like a punk rock satire. Just a thought. And yes, I enjoyed the show.
I didn't care all the much for the opening bands- The Flesh Lights played pretty basic punk rock, while Fidlar played skate punk. However, both bands were very young and raw. Flesh Lights looked under 20, while Fidlar asked if anyone else was 24 or younger because they "grew up on the The Hives". So, allowances must be made, and talking with the bands after the show, The guys in Fidlar really seem excited and like great guys- they're on a high playing rocknroll, and that might carry them to do something really worthwhile.

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