Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nice Abortion joke

There aren't any nice abortion jokes, are there? Maybe somebody should tell The Coathangers, because apart from the name and some forceful vocals, they actually come across as pretty nice. I know I'm late to the party on them, but that's ok by me because it doesn't really seem like my kinda shindig. I'd love to be really positive on them, and they do have some moments, but really, they're more interesting as a concept than as a band. Basically, it's Punk Rock 101- a bunch of people start a band even though they're rank amateurs. The problem is that this was always a bit of a myth. Bands like the Clash and The Vibrators had members who'd been playing for years, and other bands, like Wire and the Buzzcocks were using amateurishness as a mythmaking venture, when really they were better than they let on. It was actually the rare punk band that couldn't actually play their instruments, and I can only think of one instance where it worked- the Germs, and even then, they were fast learners, and by the time they were really interesting, they were halfway decent musicians. Much like the nice abortion joke, it's something that seems like it should be possible, but really there aren't any really good bands that have no musicality. So, the Coathangers have moments, but really, they should woodshed a bit, and come back when they have a bit more accomplishment to go with the confidence.
Still,there is raw talent there, and if they did more like this, I'd say they really have something.

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