Saturday, May 14, 2011

My face is red

Oi, what a mistake! I don't think I've even mentioned that I've been listening to Wire's new one, Red Barked Tree, since umm, mid January!
To rectify that, there are three basic facts that should be known-
1. Wire is wire, regardless of who's missing. They are the only band I know like that, where one of the core members can be gone for years, and the band still retains the same essence. Robert Gotobed was gone, and it was still wire. Guitar player Bruce Gilbert has been gone much of the millennium, and it's still Wire.
2. Wire isn't punk, or Prog, or post punk, or whatever else. They occupy a completely unique spot, and therefore are outside of pop music conventions. You cannot judge them based upon those parameters. It'd be like judging a comic book and installation Art on the same rubric.
3. Wire are a "foundational" band for me- by which I mean, if not for being a fan of Wire since I was 15, I wouldn't be the same guy, now, 30 years later.

So, yes, I like it, but that's besides the point. How does it hold up to other Wire releases? It's as good as Pink Flag, not as good as Chairs Missing, better than 154, much better than Document and Eyewitness,better than The Ideal Copy, Not as good as A bell is a Cup until its Struck, as good as IBTABA, better than Manscape, a bit better than the First Letter, as good as Send, and better than Object 47. So, basically, I'd say it's the third or fourth Wire record you should buy. Get The Ideal Copy, first. Seriously, it's one of those things that if you really consider it, it will alter your perception, forever. But, after you've got that, and A Bell is a Cup..., and possibly Pink Flag- it's a toss up between this one and Send. Get the picture? It's very good, and if it was the new record by, say, The Killers, I'd be blown away at the improvement in quality, but as far as Wire standards go, it's middle of the pack.

( a quick thank you to Jonathon for reminding me. )

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  1. ye gads. I decided to leave it as is, but there's a serious gaffe in this:I meant get Chairs Missing, not the ideal copy. Yeesh.