Saturday, May 14, 2011

My name is HENRY, and I'm FINE with That....

Henry just pointed out that you, too, can see the flag: Dave Markey put up the video

Having seen the Flag, both before and after Henry, I gotta say there's no comparison. Not the same band. Black Flag before Henry was a truly dangerous Punk Rock band, but with Henry they became the kind of rebel-without-a-cause unfocused threat that death Metal bands pretend to be. They were human beings, sure, but the thing they were live was like the most dangerous guy you know, on PCP, and armed with a machete. I gave up part of my brain for them. No, seriously. I did one of those "where did everybody go?" stage dives, concussed myself, but refused to leave until I saw the whole show, which caused the brain to get damaged. Even though I cannot remember the show, it was worth it.
What more reason do you need?

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