Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We're an American Band....

For my posts, you would be forgiven for thinking that I'm European, but, no, I live near the American Capitol. Further, unlike my recent selections, I listen primarily to Punk, post-punk and Hardcore. On top of that, despite my pop culture leanings, I'm a bit of a Pinko.
Enter The United Sons of Toil, a bunch of American socialists from Wisconsin. They play a particularly political brand of abrasive rock. They call it "math", but it's got almost nothing in common with the "math rock" you mostly hear today, which is all a bunch of random time signatures to my ears (exception: Meshuggah, who sound like an off kilter grind, as opposed to bad, loud jazz). No, this is mid-1990's midwestern strum and klang, like The Jesus Lizard, Slint, and (early) Fugazi. No surprise that prime Son Russell Hall did his time in Pound Wi and P'Elvis .
They definitely know their way around some skronk. So, if you want some loud punk, here you go. All loud, but well constructed, without any hint of metal. Lyrics like a modern Gang of Four, no waste, all anger. They have nothing to insult your intelligence. So, aging hardcores, Listen! You have nothing to lose except your chains!


  1. Thanks for the kind words. Spread the word that both our records are available for free download at New record this summer.

    The United Sons of Toil

  2. Looking forward to the new record! I actually was listening to "Until Lions..." earlier today. and was thinking "More, please..."