Monday, October 5, 2009


Yes, I do know how insensitive I am.
Anyway, as we all become "recessionistas", the first thing we cut out is entertainment. I say that instead, we should take a cue from my punk rock past, and change our entertainments. Instead of being entertained by things that line some rich guy's pockets, we should support each other.
Even if you cannot "DIY" your entertainments (we can't all cut CD's and we cannot all shoot movies, and we cannot all write books) I think that, rather than cutting such things out, we should be looking at people who can make their own. So, more Youtube, less you lose. More Jamendo, less jive. More Craftster, less Crap.
It's also all part of my evil plan to get us away from mass culture. The more you seek out alternative means, the more you will find niches filled with riches.
So, if you click on the links, you should see all kinds of pathways to entertainments, and maybe, just maybe, one will inspire you to create, instead of consume

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