Monday, October 12, 2009


Like me, you probably have run across Vice magazine, at least once. It's a freebie, so you probably even picked it up. A mixed bag, I'm sure. You might have been creeped out by the sleaze factor, or you might have read an insightful article. The ironic hipness might be off putting, or you might have liked the photography. Regardless, they have created a small empire beyond just the magazine. There are releases on the music label, TV shows on the station, and books on the shelves. Absolutely everything is a mixed bag, and you probably suspect, just like I do, that it was their intent to make things that are a mixed bag. Every time they annoy, befuddle, or offend you, it makes them feel a tiny bit superior. They are young, so it's still crude enough that you can see through their games, unlike the big boys at Time/Warner.

For a magazine, you'd be far better off with the Big Takeover, Chunklet, or even Blurt. But, the TV shows are a little more unique. Some of the TV shows even display a little quality. I mean, check out this one. Listen to some of the interviews at this show. Maybe, watch this. Fairly high quality stuff, perhaps despite the Vice involvement. Yes, there's some real garbage, but, I guess you have to cherry pick everything. Until there's more high quality TV online (I still have high hopes for Mania) Vice may be your only choice.

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