Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh, by the way

For a "pop culture" blog, you might notice that I'm "ignoring" some stuff in popular culture. I don't care about who David Letterman is doing, who is making money from Kurt Cobain or Michael Jackson's legacy, or which teen movie actress is on Cocaine, this week. It's not that I'm ignoring it, exactly; it's that I think it's much more relevant to talk about the good, less saturated stuff. I'll bring up mass culture, from time to time, but my main thrust is to show how there is no need for mass culture at all.
There really isn't, by the way. I could watch about 50 hours of TV without ever turning on a TV show shot for a major network, every week. I could listen to about 100 hours of music, every week, without even once listening to a major label product. I could read 5 or 6 books without going with a chain bookstore. I could watch 2 or 3 movies without Blockbuster or even Netflix. That's every week, mind you, and this side of the fence is growing. So, again, how much longer must we tolerate mass culture?

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